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The Value Behind Your Knowledge


At CGCircuit we love when industry professionals choose to publish on CGCircuit’s platform but our goal is not to sit back and let the authors sail solo.  As a company we are author oriented!  Providing support and inspiration is part of what makes CGCircuit unique.

Let us introduce you to the info-preneur! 


“SAY WHAT?!”  We know- what is an info-preneur?  Well for one, it is a made up term by our very own Carlo Sansonetti.  Lets start with an entrepreneur.  Most are familiar with the term entrepreneur, they are someone who has a creative idea about a product or design and they are striving to get it produced.  The difference between them and an info-preneur is that an info-preneur already has their product.  The info-preneur’s product is their knowledge!  

Let’s stop for a second and consider this difference.  As an entrepreneur, you begin with an idea and then move into pitching to investors.  Unless independently wealthy, without an investor you could not physically manifest your product.  This is where info-preneur and entrepreneur differ and also where the info-preneur’s potential lies.  The lack of need for an investor creates an environment for the info-preneur to take their product, their knowledge, and begin selling it right away.


So, are we talking about teachers?

Yes and no.  People with vast knowledge can teach that knowledge.  But the info-preneur takes it one step farther and gets paid for their teaching by creating a passive income.  A passive income is regular financial support that after the initial creation period, you do not need to maintain any longer.

My own motivation for creating video tutorials was in part because I felt like I could teach certain things in ways that I would have liked to have been taught when I was learning this kind of stuff on my own.  It’s only through an avenue such as CGCircuit where I felt like I could bring my videos to an audience in a professional manner without having to go through the hoops of being published through other established sources of formal training which often seem to have their own preferences for teaching methods.

– Hai Phan, Blizzard Entertainment and CGCircuit Author

At CGCircuit, this would be making a tutorial where production costs are as low as a microphone.  Getting the picture?  Lets say that it takes you three weeks to create and produce your finished tutorial.  That finished product, the tutorial, took up your valuable personal time and a few dollars from your wallet.  But once completed it can live and teach online for you, passively, as long as the site is running.  Welcome passive income.

We nudge you to teach, monetize and learn.

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