Creating a Tutorial: Part 1- Research

booksResearch. Eight letters that you haven’t thought about since your high school or college days. It is the very first step in creating your successful video tutorial.  Researching adds a depth and value to your tutorial.

The unspoken secret.


The subject you want to teach is most likely already being taught! We are here to tell you- so what?! The way in which you process and teach concepts is pertinent and integral to your success! Everyone is an individual and learns uniquely.  This is your opportunity to create and teach a  tutorial the way it makes sense to you and to share the information that has helped you the most.  By doing this, you are teaching others from your vantage point and thus delivering them into a teachable space others cannot.  Use the power of your individuality to power others individual learning styles!

Lets progress into a true story:


Once there was a young Italian boy named Carlo (movie announcer voice here). He wanted to learn Chemistry oh-so badly. He was excited for his class but as it started he lost confidence for his grades were terrible.  He tried to learn and really wanted to but did not seem to be able to grasp the information.  Was it possible that he was not intelligent enough? One day while terribly discouraged his older brother Roberto, two years his senior, looked through his Chemistry books with him.  Roberto began to explain Chemistry, as he knew it.  Suddenly it all clicked!  Carlo could now put the puzzle pieces together and graduated at the top of his class.

Because of Roberto’s different insight, Carlo could learn the same information from him that  he could not learn from his teacher.  In your tutorial your delivery, view and position is KEY!  Do not worry about the amount of other tutorials because there will be no tutorial like yours.


Make a tutorial that is on subject matter interesting to you!  

Use your expertise and teach your subject in the way you’d like to be taught.


  • Put together a list of websites (or sources) that have tutorials in the subject matter you want to focus on.  Such as YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Find 5 to 10 videos per source and use them as references
    1. Watch the videos and make notes! (we suggest writing your notes down to have for future reference)
    2. Note things such as tone of voice and how in depth the teacher goes
    3. Make sure to note any piece of information that really seems to make sense to you.
      1. Why did it make sense?
      2. How did that author deliver that vital information?
    4. Also note what you do not like!

This preparation allows you to create a superior quality video.  The things that you like or do not like will act as guidelines for you to work with.  Once you’ve done this bit of research it is time to begin planning your tutorial.

Keep your eyes peeled for part two of this series!


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