CGCircuit Now Offers School & Studio Discounts and an Affiliate Program

You're Gonna Love ThisToday, CGCircuit is announcing two new ways to bring our ever growing library of industry tested training courses to the world: School and Studio Site Discounts and an enticing Affiliate Program.

One program makes accessing our course library easier and more affordable, and the other allows 3rd party sites to sell our courses, making commissions on each sale. Both programs are available immediately and are detailed below.

School and Studio Site Discounts
Schools and studios can now supplement their training curricula with specially discounted courses and we make it amazingly easy. By simply contacting CGCircuit and having us set up an account for your school or studio, all who sign up with a valid email account with the same domain name as the school or studio will receive the discount. For example, say your studio is CleverName FX (I just made that up), has a domain name of After CGCircuit sets up an account for CleverName FX, all employees of CleverName who sign up using their work email accounts (,, etc.) will automatically receive discounted courses. It’s as simple as that! Sign up with your email account using the same domain name and you get the discount.

Have your school or studio representative contact us to start receiving your discounts right away.

Affiliate Program
CGCircuit now provides a very flexible Affiliate Program for all qualifying studios, educational institutions, industry sites and blogs. If you run a site and are interested in selling CGCircuit courses, we will provide you with a special link that will earn you commission on every sale made through that link, whether the link is posted on your site, sent in an email newsletter or spread it through social media, you’ll receive commission for every purchase made via the link we provide. As CGCircuit expands and the more you promote our ever growing library of courses taught by amazing industry professionals, the more you earn. It’s as simple as that.

If you’d like to join our Affiliate Program or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll help to get you started.

So there you have it — two new and exciting programs that we hope will allow more people to watch and learn from CGCircuit’s amazing teachers as well as provide an opportunity for those who want to help spread the word and benefit from our continued growth.

For more information, contact