CGCircuit Interview: Kevin Baillie, Co-Founder of Atomic Fiction

Kevin Baillie of Atomic Fiction

Kevin Baillie of Atomic Fiction

For visual effects studios, most of the challenges that occur on a day-to-day basis have been identified to the point that there are very few true surprises. In many respects, solutions to these challenges are readily available and it just comes down to figuring out which one works best. Whether it’s specific project management styles, accounting and bidding practices or determining which creative software best fits within their current pipeline, studios quite often have many options available to them.

One studio, Atomic Fiction, headquartered in Oakland, California, not only identified a need but they also created an exciatomicFictionLogoting solution that works not just for their own studio but they have high hopes other industries that need to process, move and store massive amounts of data will agree that this is the time and money-saving product for them.

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When you come to CGCircuit the first thing you might notice are the ever-increasing tutorials populating the site. It’s important to note, though, that CGCircuit would be nothing without all of the amazing instructors who take their valuable time to create lessons that others can use to learn and improve. We at CGCircuit are constantly developing components to help instructors and today we’re announcing two new features focused on improving the very important communication between instructors and students: Email Users and Gifting

Email Users
While the concept of emailing users sounds simple, our implementation creates a powerful tool that allows instructors to send email directly to those who have purchased or subscribed to past tutorials. It’s now possible for instructors to easily keep people notified of tutorial updates or to make targeted announcements of brand new content to those who have already expressed interest in similar topics. Additionally, if the instructor has collected a separate list of email addresses of potential students, they also have the option of including that recipient list with those directly derived from CGCircuit.

As a result, instructors now have an excellent method for keeping in direct contact with past students and an amazing way to increase their reach while developing new tutorials.

The concept is very straight forward. Type in an email address along with a message and any of your selected courses will be gifted to the recipient and they will have full access as if they had purchased it themselves.

So why would you want to gift? We can think of a few good reasons:

  • You know of an influential person who could help to drive other students to your tutorials and giving them full access will help to make that happen.
  • A person you know who genuinely cannot afford your class but would really benefit from your generosity is a good way to create an evangelist for your tutorials (and it may feel good, too!).
  • If you’re being interviewed about your lessons, it might be good to gift your tutorial to the interviewer to ensure they have full understanding of the training content you offer.

We’re sure instructors can find other amazing reasons, both altruistic and pragmatic, to use the new Gifting functionality available now.

Try out the features and if you have any questions, drop us a line at and we’ll be happy to help out.

CGCircuit Interview: Mark Pope of Jolly Good Jobs

For those of us in the entertainment industry, at some point looking for a new job is either something we have to do or want to do. While it might sometimes seem there is a dearth of jobs matching our specific skills, there is no shortage of sites dedicated to trying to help you land that next gig.  A new games industry jobs search site, Jolly Good Jobs, tries to take the pain out of pinpointing the job that suits you best.

Mark Pope, founder of Jolly Good Jobs, sat down with CGCircuit to tell us what makes his job search site different and how it can help you hunt down that sometimes elusive prey: Employment.

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CGCircuit Interview with Hans Godard, Character TD at Naughty Dog

CGCircuit is proud to present the latest in our on-going series profiling some of the leading technical and creative talent in the entertainment industry.
Today, we bring you an interview with one of the more exciting Character Technical Directors out there, Hans Godard, whose work can be seen in game developer Naughty Dog’s latest efforts, including the upcoming Uncharted 4.
Our brief interview with Hans regarding his latest plug-in release, RBF Solver, just scratches the surface of his fascinating array of tools and techniques, but we hope it gives you a taste of how Hans is helping to move the job of Character TD forward with his ingenuity and imagination.


The Interview

rbfSolver_iconThank you for taking the time to chat with us, Hans. Could you briefly describe your current job and how you got there?
I’m a Character TD at Naughty Dog, a video game company that recently produced The Last Of Us. We are currently working on Uncharted 4.
I started to work as a freelancer in France in advertising. I also worked on a cartoon series and in feature films and, ultimately, Quantic Dream was my first video game company. As a Rigger I decided to continue in that direction because there are lots of interesting aspects in this industry. Continue reading

CGCircuit Now Offers School & Studio Discounts and an Affiliate Program

You're Gonna Love ThisToday, CGCircuit is announcing two new ways to bring our ever growing library of industry tested training courses to the world: School and Studio Site Discounts and an enticing Affiliate Program.

One program makes accessing our course library easier and more affordable, and the other allows 3rd party sites to sell our courses, making commissions on each sale. Both programs are available immediately and are detailed below.

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ZBrush 4R7 Is Out! We Have Your Training!

We’re excited to see that today Pixologic released ZBrush 4R7, their last iteration of the 4 series before moving on to ZBrush 5, with even more amazing features, putting a first class set of modeling, sculpting and texturing tools at your fingertips. It’s a deep program, though, and while you’re downloading 4R7 (their servers seem to be overloaded just now and we can’t download it yet!), check out our many ZBrush tutorials by industry veterans Hai Phan, Fabrizio Bortolussi, Kurt Papstein and others. Below we’ve highlighted some of our ZBrush courses and if you’re ready to learn, click away! If you want to teach some ZBrush courses (or any other industry related subject), head on over to CGCircuit to see how you can start passing on your knowledge while earning money to boot!

Monster Concepting by Kurt Papstein

Monster Concepting  by Kurt Papstein

Designing a Scary Creature 1 by Fabrizio Bortolussi

Designing a Scary Creature 1 by Fabrizio Bortolussi

3D Character Art for Games by Hai Phan

3D Character Art for Games by Hai Phan


Have fun creating!