Online Education Upstart CGCircuit Builds a Better Way To Teach


October 2015

Media Contact: Alec Fredericks, Partner and Public Relations Coordinator

Online Education Upstart CGCircuit Builds a Better Way To Teach
CGCircuit is taking on companies like gumroad and DigitalTutors by providing a comprehensive platform for digital educators

Los Angeles, CA., Oct. 2015 — CGCircuit is a new online education platform that gives instructors up to 96% of each sale, a better connection to students and full marketing support to help them create a meaningful passive income. CGCircuit was started by three visual effects artists in their spare time to create an instructor-first site to help other artists and programmers a way to be more financially stable in an often unstable industry.

“We’ve built CGCircuit from scratch with a specific purpose in mind,” says Carlo Sansonetti, Founder of, “We wanted to be able to provide a home for people who love to teach and learn as much as we do. So instead of using a cookie-cutter solution, the three of us come home from work every night to create a custom-made website that can best fit educators and students alike.”

With a wild gleam in their eyes, the devoted crew at CGCircuit works tirelessly to refine the existing set of tools for educators.

  • Educators earn 96% of the sale price.
  • Bundles create a new revenue stream by combining the sales of multiple tutorials into one easy purchase.
  • Email Users gives educators direct communication with their current and prospective students.
  • Gifting allows educators to give away their tutorials to further promote their teaching.

There’s a lot of emphasis on the instructors at CGCircuit, but they don’t forget about the obvious importance of students. With a simple mantra of Learn, Create & Discover, CGCircuit wants to remind students just how fun learning can be.  Fun in learning. Fun in creating. Fun in discovering how best to use those new skills and techniques.

CGCircuit delivers on the tools,  marketing and promotion support for educators, as well as a deep understanding of the needs of students whether they’re already entertainment industry or aspire to be, CGCircuit is poised to shake up the world of online education.

See for more details about CGCircuit’s educator tools and how they differ from competitors like gumroad and DigitalTutors.

About CGCircuit

CGCircuit was founded by visual effects industry veteran Carlo Sansonetti with the expressed desire to provide a better way for experienced educators and entertainment industry professionals to share their knowledge in the form of tutorials and workshops. CGCircuit is staffed by a small crew of entertainment industry veterans who are not only passionate about the industry itself, but are dedicated to helping educators pass on their combined experiences to the eager and growing student population. For more information, please visit: